Employs an ancient system of alphanumeric code/cipher to assign meaning to words and phrases. Through this joining of opposites Number & Alphabet, we discover a source of synchronicity and intrigue inviting us to bring life to our thoughts. Words of POWER, words of STRENGTH, words of LOVE, focused and held in thought become manifest.

Available In Sterling Silver, 9 & 18-carat Gold.

All Jewellery Custom made to order.

Interesting ways to create your own unique jewellery.

  • Joining names; Friends, Family, lovers
  • Finding appropriate personal words to match someones age or year of interest
  • A way of keeping a message or question private. (click HIDDEN)
  • Talisman, Fuse words of intention through number & use as a daily mantra empowering the subconscious mind.
  • If you discover a new way of using the cipher and would like to share it, please get in contact.

* use the sic calculator above to turn your words into numbers